Digi Awards announces “The List” of Canada’s digital elite

Last night, The Digi Awards (formerly the CNMAs) held an exclusive party in Toronto to announce the 2011 nominees, a group of businesses in 31 digital media categories, from best in mobile and gaming to web series and tablets. These esteemed nominees also make-up “The List” – a definitive index of the best of Canada’s most successful people, products and services in digital media.

“The list is our way of recognizing the top tier of the entire Canadian digital ecosystem in a single place, and will serve as a crucial online resource for anyone in this country and around the world looking to get a sense of who’s making waves in Canada,” says Mark Greenspan, Executive Director of nextMEDIA.

This year, over 250 businesses submitted entries into the competition. Here are the nominees for two of the most popular categories:

Canada’s Top Digital Companies (Presented by Deloite):

In order to qualify for this category, your company must have earned a minimum of $2 million in revenue in the past year. “The huge story is around the SMEs in this category, who are driving employment and wealth in Canada,” says Greenspan. “Some of the companies in this category have seen huge growth, earning in excess of $100 million.”

Canada’s Most Promising New Digital Companies:

Companies in the “most promising” category are those who the Digi Awards believes may appear in the “Top Digital Companies” category in the near future.

Some new categories for “The List” and for awards this year include: “Canada’s Top Social Media Mavens,” “Best in Tablet Applications,” “Best in Cross-Platform: Entertainment,” “Best in Tablet Gaming,” “Best in Digital News and Current Affairs Publishing,” and “Best in E-Learning.”

For a complete rundown of the 2011 nominees and “The List,” visit http://www.thedigiawards.com/.

The Digi Awards are Canada’s only nationwide competition that celebrates the best in our country’s digital media innovators. The 2011 awards ceremony will be held on December 6th at The Carlu in Toronto. Best of luck to all of the nominees!

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