Canadian Bloggers and Journalists Who Are Making Waves in the Digital Media Space

In addition to sharing data and information on digital marketing trends, I am committed to bloggingCanadian flag and tweeting about Canadian contributions to the digital space. I’ve read that the best way to learn how to blog and tweet like a professional is to follow people who are doing it well and iterate the best of what they do.  So, over the past few weeks I have been following some Canadian bloggers who I now consider to be my social media mentors.

I thought I’d share the names of some of the Canadian digital bloggers whom I have recently discovered.  These are in no particular order of preference – other than alphabetical:

  • Erin BuryErin is a community manager for and is up-to-date on what’s hot in the Canadian digital start-up landscape.  She writes about the latest and greatest tech trends on
  • Mark EvansMark is a well-known and award-winning Canadian technology journalist who writes a number of blogs, including Mark Evans Tech and Twitterrati. He also writes a column for The Globe and Mail and is considered one of Canada’s leading social media experts.

Please share names of other Canadian digital media experts who you think are noteworthy.

4 thoughts on “Canadian Bloggers and Journalists Who Are Making Waves in the Digital Media Space

  1. interesting links. i have to know more about them.

    by the way, the name of this blog is very interesting.

    rock on! 😀

  2. Thanks for including our little podcast in your list! I also blog (occasionally) at if you’re looking for more Jay content 🙂

    1. Thanks Jay! I’ll check it out and will add your blog to the list.

  3. Andrea: Thanks for including me on your list. I’m blog a lot about startups these days on cheers, Mark

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