If Facebook is Just Like “The Jersey Shore”, Then What TV Show Does Twitter Emulate?

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I listened to Dan Zarrella from Hubspot‘s webinar today about The Science of Blogging. Throughout the webinar, he likened Facebook to the popular reality TV show The Jersey Shore.  He made that reference because he said Facebook users have a very different way of sharing information than on social media platforms like Twitter.  According to Zarrella, Facebook users are not interested in articles or updates related to words like “Google”, “social media”, or any other general technical jargon terms. So, if you are writing blogs to be posted on Facebook, you need to keep in mind that Facebook is more like a keg party and less like a university lecture hall. Therefore, you need to use words that simplify what you are saying when writing for Facebook (i.e. dumb it down).

This statement got me thinking that Facebook is probably not the best place to be reaching a B2B audience – especially if you are marketing technology products. Zarrella pointed out that if you want to blog about technical jargon, your target audience is more likely going to exist on Twitter. Of course, there may be a way to engage with both audiences in a different fashion – especially if you’re a popular brand like Apple. However, I would assume that if you are just starting out and have a limited time to dedicate to social media, then it sounds like Twitter is the place to start as a B2B technology marketer.

Therefore, I’m left wondering – if Facebook truly is just like The Jersey Shore, then does that make Twitter more like The Big Bang Theory? The only trouble with that perspective is that two of the most popular Tweeps on Twitter are Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Please share your thoughts about what TV show you think Twitter most emulates?

Also, if you have any examples of great B2B technology campaigns or engagement initiatives that HAVE worked on Facebook, I’d definitely like to see them.  Prove me wrong!

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