Placing Your Bets Online for B2B Technology Marketing Channels

In a previous blog post, I talked about whether or not Twitter was a better social media channel for promoting your brand as a B2B Technology marketer than Facebook.  After recently reading the Online Marketing Opportunity Report produced by Hubspot, I now have some data to back up my assumptions.

The chart that I pulled from the free report below illustrates both the top online marketing channels for the keyword “software” and the top social media platforms where that keyword is most prevalently searched. Clearly, LinkedIn and Twitter are the top social media channels to target as a marketer promoting technology/software online.

The chart below also points out that blogs are a more popular channel for researching “software” related products online.  According to the report, there is also less competition for that keyword on blogs, Twitter and via LinkedIn than there is via search engines.  However, I will point out that although Facebook is only a tiny sliver in terms of popularity for searching for terms related to “software”, you’ll also find the least competition if you choose to promote your product there – at least according to the HubSpot report.

Since I like to place strategic bets, I would say that developing a strategy that incorporates blogs, social media (focused on Twitter and LinkedIn) and a some of your budget dedicated towards Search and YouTube would go a long way online as a Tech B2B marketer.  Of course, one can never overlook the power of e-mail as a digital marketing channel as well!

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