Inspiration – Digital-Savvy Canadians to Watch in 2011

Canadian Flag
Image by magnaen

Since this is the first week back at work for everyone in 2011, I thought I’d share some inspiration for Canadian digital media companies and professionals who want to kick some serious butt this year. Here are links to blogs and articles about the Canadian digital media companies and professionals that we should keep an eye on in the digital space in 2011.  I often come up with a blog post idea and discover that someone else has already covered it.  In this case, I have decided to aggregate the lists of notable Canadians rather than write one myself.  However, it is still very early in the year and I’m sure that there will be many more notable Canadians to brag about in a few months.

Maybe these lists will inspire you or your company to become notable for 2012 – or even make the re-cap lists of the best digital media companies and professionals in Canada at the end of 2011.  Good luck to all of the Canadian companies who are showcasing their products at CES in Las Vegas! Who else do you think needs to be added to these lists right now?

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