Listen to your gut – you already know the answer

While I am dedicated to writing about digital media and online advertising trends in Canada, I had to share this personal story with you. Last week, I went for coffee with a former colleague of mine who is currently at a crossroads in her career. She wanted some honest input and advice on what I thought about her situation. I told her that the one thing that she must ultimately do is listen to her gut.

Too many people ignore their instincts and end up disappointed with their decisions because they did not listen to their gut in the first place. I had to learn this lesson the hard way about a year ago when I made a decision to take a job that I knew was the wrong step in my career. I’m glad that I took the chance but soon realized that I had ultimately ignored what I knew was a wrong step. I made the bold move to quickly get out of that situation – a decision that my gut was very happy with in the end.

Looking back, the hard lesson that I needed to learn was ultimately necessary for me to move on to another path that I had never even considered. I have also learned to never ignore my gut again because it definitely knows more than I give it credit. Although I am taking a big chance to become a freelancer and explore a few avenues that I am passionate about, my gut is truly happy with the risk that I am now taking. Therefore, I know that it is the right decision because my “all and powerful gut” is happy.

My wish for anyone who comes across this blog is that you make the same decisions that satisfy your instincts as well. You are wiser than you think!

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