iPad 2 – Thank Goodness for the Best Buy “Buy Back” Program

I know that this blog is off topic from my usual theme of digital media trends in Canada and B2B Marketing advice but I had to share my frustration. You had to be hiding under a virtual rock yesterday not to see at least one Tweet, article or e-mail about the new iPad2 coming out soon. When I first read the announcement, I was slightly annoyed as my siblings and I had recently pitched-in to buy our dad an iPad for his birthday. We were all pretty proud of ourselves as we had been searching for weeks for the perfect gift for a milestone birthday. He was very excited about his shiny new toy when we gave it to him and we were glad that we had chosen that gift.

However, a week after we gave the new iPad to him it is already obsolete. Blurg! I immediately thought about the Best Buy commercial below and realized that Best Buy is likely going to be very busy fulfilling their promise. This example has made me hesitant to ever buy the first or even second iteration of any technology product. In fact, I think I’ll wait at least two years after a product has come out before I buy it. This experience has made me wonder if consumers will ever catch on to this trend and start to hold back? I know that I am always going to wait.

If you recently bought an iPad and are now kicking yourself for not waiting for the next version, you’ll definitely enjoy the commercial below. I feel your pain.

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