What do Justin Bieber and Canada 3.0 have in common?

I’m very excited to be heading to Stratford on May 2nd – 4th for the 3rd annual Canada 3.0 Conference. This event will be hosted by the Canadian Digital MediaCanada 3.0 logo Network and their many proud sponsors.

Check out a recent blog featured on the Wired magazine website about Canada 3.0.  Yes, it is important to note that Stratford IS the birthplace of one of Canada’s most prominent Internet superstars – Justin Bieber. So, if that doesn’t get you excited about this conference, I don’t know what will! You just might run into his mom at a coffee shop in town 😉

Last year, a moon shot goal was developed at the conference – that anyone in Canada should be able to do anything online by the year 2017. This year, speakers and conference attendees will discuss how to make that goal a reality. Just think, if Justin Bieber didn’t have YouTube to show off his musical talent when he was starting out then who knows where he’d be today?

I’ve been covering some of the hot topics that will be discussed at the conference on the Canada 3.0 blog.

There will be representatives from the Canadian government, academia, technology industry and entrepreneurs at the event. Some of the exciting presentations and break-out sessions that I cannot wait to see are:

  • The debate between professor Tim Pychyl and professor Aimee Morrison about the role of social media in schools
  • A panel discussion hosted by Kevin Newman about mobile platforms and the evolution of digital content
  • A report card on Canada’s clean tech industry
  • Discussions about e-Health and how technology can transform Canada’s health care system
  • Mobile education, and much more

I hope to see you there!

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