Why I write about Canadian technology businesses

I often get e-mails from US startups and technology businesses asking me to review their product on my blog or on Techvibes. While I’d love to do write about allCanadian flag of these products, I typically focus on Canadian success stories. Why limit myself? Since Canada Day was just last Friday, I thought I’d share my top reasons why I want to focus on businesses in my country:

1. I want to see more Canadian technology businesses succeed
Having worked for many US technology and media companies in the past, I know how frustrating it can be as a Canadian to be under-resourced and limited in one’s career growth because of where you live. Typically, the only way to expand one’s career is to go to the US and spend your time there and then come back with more skills.

I’d like to see that change. My focus is on showcasing the amazing things that Canadian technology startups are doing in the hopes that they get more funding and support in order to grow and stay in Canada. While I understand that US startups also need support, the ecosystem to support them is much stronger in the US. Therefore, I am trying to contribute to the ecosystem of bloggers who help to support Canadian businesses.

2. I am a proud Canadian and want to see my country become a leader in the global digital economy. I think that’s all I need to say there 😉

Please do not take offense if I do not write about your product. I occasionally do actually write about US businesses if they are part of a particular emerging Internet trend or as a comparison to a Canadian business that has recently launched. If you ever do have a Canadian angle to your story (i.e. you’ve partnered with a Canadian company or are going after a Canadian audience), I’d be happy to listen to your pitch. I also like writing about Canadian online user behaviour. So, if you have interesting insights into how Canadians’ user behaviour is unique vs. other countries who use your product, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. Agree that it’s a shame to lose talent to the US purely because of lack of opportunity. Good luck with the blog and I’ll keep my eye out 🙂

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