Why Digital Storytelling is Just Like Being Single

When a man or woman is dating, their friends will tell them to just keep themselves busy, do activities that they love, and show the world that they are fun, well-rounded and approachable. But this strategy takes time as a person builds up their confidence, gets out there to meet a lot of potential suitors, and inevitably makes the right connection, at the right moment, with the right man or woman.

The same can be said for digital storytelling through social media and blogs. When a company is trying to attract new customers, it’s extremely important to peak your target audience’s interest. This requires that the business shows the world not just what its key product features are, or where you can buy the product — it’s necessary to make a lasting impression with that audience by sharing what really makes the business, and it’s people tick. This involves telling many different stories and sharing many different details about the business, and its industry, through a variety of channels and touch points.

In a real-world situation, you would  never walk up to a perfect stranger and tell them all of your personality traits and your interests without getting to know the other person better. You would ask them questions to find out who they are and where their interests lie. From there, you would naturally share information and personal stories that relate to them specifically.

That’s what makes digital storytelling through social media and blogs such an organic way to attract new customers. As you share stories that describe the heart of your business and your industry expertise, your customers will share their interests in specific topics (via comments and social media channels) – to help you create and share even more stories that inevitably attract the right customer, at the right time.

So, when you’re crafting your next corporate story, think about how you would want to tell it to someone on a first date – it might just be the spark of a new customer connection.

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