Patience and Perseverance are the Keys to Content Marketing Success

Many of my friends and colleagues ask me why I blog so often (on my own blog and on other channels). As many social media and content marketing Tortoise and the Haregurus will tell you, it’s extremely important to be consistent and have patience when it comes to generating sales leads via blogs.

Building an audience and rapport/trust with potential customers through content marketing is a huge time investment. But the payoffs can be quite amazing. Just remember that no blog or social media profile is ever an overnight success. Just like Tweeting and posting updates on Facebook, it’s important to stick with it – even if you feel like you’re just talking to yourself in the beginning. Over time, it truly is amazing how many people will start to recognize your efforts and contact you to find out more about your services.

For best practices on what type of content marketing stories can help to generate sales leads, check out some of my previous posts:

Good luck with your content marketing commitment. Just remember to think like the tortoise and not the hare! Good customers come to those who persevere.


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