Being the Boss You’ve Always Wanted

As the sole proprietor of a small business, you get to be your own boss. But this privilege can also be a curse. It all really depends on
creating your own vision
how hard you are on yourself. If you’re a bit of a type A personality (like I personally am), then you may start out being harder on yourself, as your employee, than you would be on anybody else.

Here are some tips that I’ve discovered about being the boss that I have always wanted for myself:

Be gentle on yourself

To be a small business owner, you have to be self-motivated and work hard. But that doesn’t mean that you need to work yourself into a frenzy (which I learned the hard way early on). It’s important to know your limits and seek support and help from others when you know that things are becoming too much for one person to handle. After all, you are the guardian of your own personal health and happiness – which leads nicely into my next point.

Reward yourself and celebrate your achievements

This doesn’t necessarily mean going out and spending a ton of cash when you win a big client or reach a new milestone. However, you should recognize that you have reached your goals and do something good for yourself – like treat yourself to a small indulgence. I sometimes take “my team” out for ice cream on a Friday if I have something to celebrate – or for a $20 pedicure. I also make sure to go to the gym regularly to keep up my spirits and motivation if I’ve had a tough day.

Continue to raise the bar

It can be easy to be satisfied with the way things have been rolling and get into a routine. But you need to remember that a good boss pushes you beyond your comfort zone. So, be sure to set goals for yourself to stretch to the next milestone.

Have a tip for being the boss you’ve always wanted? Please share in the comments section below.

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