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According to this Globe and Mail article, Venus (the planet of love and relationships) was perfectly Photo of Venus Transiting the Sunaligned between the earth and the sun yesterday. This rare phenomenon is known as a transit and apparently happens only once every 100+ years. So, we will never see it again in our lifetimes – unless modern medicine allows us to live a lot longer in the future.

While I’m no astronomy or astrologer, I do believe in good fortune. I also believe in the power of the Internet and social media to build stronger, more aligned relationships through effective communication. So, in the spirit of Venus’ transit, why not take this opportunity to become better at using some of these tools to meet new customers or build better relationships with existing customers.

Need some inspiration? Here are some great blogs to follow to get started:

Good luck with your customer outreach efforts. Remember to be bold and try to go where no other business has gone before!

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