Proud to be Canadian

Canada day is just around the corner. In order to celebrate that day, I thought I’d share some of myCluster of colourful fireworks favourite video tributes to being Canadian.

I know that I usually write about digital media, startups, marketing and social media but it just wouldn’t be write not to address the fact that I am and always will be proud of my country.¬†Besides, all of the examples that I am sharing are available online, so I’m technically still writing within my genre.

1. I know that you want to be “Canadian, Please.” This video is a few years old but I still get a kick out of it:

2. “Shit Canadians Say, Eh?” This video from earlier this year follows in the footsteps of the ever popular Shit Girls Say meme:

3. Molson’s “I AM CANADIAN” video. This one is an oldie but still a goodie:

4. In the spirit of the video above, and to celebrate one of Canada’s most famous techie-related celebrities (I’m talking about Star Trek of course), here is William Shatner with his version of I AM CANADIAN:

Do you have a favourite video or website which celebrates being Canadian? Please share the link in the comments section below. Happy Canada Day everyone!

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