Random Thought: How Much More ‘About You’ can Twitter get?

Have you read about the new Twitter profile changes that were announced yesterday? According toimage of person standing out in a crowd Mashable.com, the new re-design puts your profile photo front and center – pushing your Tweets downwards – to make room a bigger background image that looks a lot Facebook’s timeline feature. While I like the idea that Twitter is all about promoting yourself (especially if you run your own business), sharing your thoughts and ideas and connecting with other businesses and colleagues in an immediate fashion, I’m not so sure I need my photos to be bigger and more prominent in order to do so – especially my profile image.

I suspect that this change has much more to do with competing with Facebook’s timeline features, rather than it being about “adding more personality” to a profile page. Isn’t that up to me to add personality through my tweets (the content that I want to share) – which have now been pushed further down the page? Don’t get me wrong, I do love Twitter. It’s one of my favourite social media platforms. However, I’m just not sure that the changes will really reflect more of me than it already does.

I guess I’m now one of those people who’s complaining about changes to a free service that I willingly opt-in to using. I just liked Twitter for what it already was – is that so wrong?

Do you agree? Please share your thoughts below.

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