If Content is the Lure, Email is the Glue

Ever notice how many emails your favourite online retailer sent Glue tube isolated on whitethis past holiday season? The messages were likely tailored to different gift ideas, discounts, party outfit suggestions and more.

Why did they do this? To keep people coming back to the website and shopping their web pages. They also probably targeted specific messages to key segments of shoppers (like myself) who are a more likely to open said offers and ideas.

I’ve written a lot of posts about the power of social media and content marketing on this blog. However, there is a key storytelling tool that is often forgotten as new social platforms emerge.

Email is still the glue that keeps your customers coming back regularly. And if you want to ensure that your customers return to your eCommerce website or App, you cannot live without this tool.

Yes, it is still necessary to use blogs, videos and social media platforms to attract and engage with customers. But if you aren’t using email in tandem with those tools to convert customers when selling your product, you are missing an important piece of the puzzle.

If you’re just getting started, MailChimp and ConstantContact are easy to use tools for a small business or startup.

How do you use email to integrate with social media and drive traffic back to your website? Please share below.

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